What is Biophotonic glass exactly?

Biophotonics is a study of the relation between light, the human body and energy. The word itself comes from the Greek bios meaning life and phos meaning light. Biophotonic Glass, also known as violet or miron glass, is a type of deeply coloured glass. It has a natural filter that filters the spectrum of visible sunlight. It only allows infra-red and UVA light, or violet light. Because of this natural filter, biophotonic glass is commonly used in organic skincare packaging. It protects precious contents from perishing in sunlight, increasing their shelf life. Next to that, biophotonic glass can also preserve the potency and quality of the product. Some people even drink from a biophotonic glass and this has a lot of benefits. What are these benefits? In this article, we will talk about this further, so you know everything about it.

Benefits of drinking from Biophotonic Glass

Biophotonic glass is mostly used to preserve cosmetics, it is also used as water bottles. Violet light has a higher frequency than any other form of light. It can penetrate Biophotonic glass, designed to energize its content for the benefit of your health. Drinking from a biophotonic glass is good for the environment. This is good because a lot of people still use plastic bottles, which are horrible for the planet. Next to that, it is also good for maintaining the natural energy in our system for every body function.

Apothecary jars are sometimes used for drinking, but that is not the main reason for these apothecary jars. They are actually used in pharmaceutical and homeopathic industries. They use them here for medicinal products and special herbs. Sometimes they are also used to preserve natural and compound drugs. Some people also buy these jars to preserve cosmetics. People store bath salts and room fragrances in these jars to keep them in the best quality possible.

Where do you buy Biophotonic glass?

Do you want to buy Biophotonic Glass? Good choice, but where do you buy it? You can buy it on the internet and this is also your best option. You can find most suppliers here and also compare them with each other. Do you need cosmetic jars? Look for cosmetic jars wholesale, so you can choose out of different products. It is important that you check the amount that fits in the jar. Especially with cosmetics, it is important that everything fits and that the closure fits perfectly on the bottle.