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During the Apollo 12 mission, Astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean landed close to Surveyor 3 in on 19 November 1969 and returned some of the components of the Surveyor three spacecraft to Earth for engineering analysis. In the Surveyor three images, the Apollo 12 Lunar Module is clearly visible at the northwest fringe of Surveyor Crater and, in the proper lighting conditions, the tracks of the Apollo 12 astronauts are also clearly seen. To change the nation where you’re flying from, please select your region and country from the highest menu. To change the country where you are flying from, please select your area and nation from the principle navigation.

You could radically change the look of your website every week when you wished to, and you’d never damage your search engine rankings … as a outcome of your design capabilities are kept completely separate from the core code. Showing a near-match may seem odd at first look, however we know in such cases that individuals typically explore the supply of a featured snippet and uncover what they’re on the lookout for. In this case, the web page that the featured snippet initially came from did clarify that Romans used water clocks to inform time at evening. We just did not then have enough confidence then to show that information as a featured snippet. We show featured snippets in search after we imagine this format will help folks more simply discover what they’re seeking, each from the outline and after they click on on the hyperlink to read the web page itself. It’s particularly useful for these on cell or searching by voice.

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On prime of that, there’s no supporting context that would information Google into pulling it. I lowered the record to seventy two keywords by prioritizing these with higher search volumes the place we rank in positions 2–5. Google is fairly smart, however typically it doesn’t get things quite proper. I recommend checking the search queries yourself to ensure that Google pulls the ‘right’ content. While we intend to update the research soon, the least I can do instantly is to check the impression of the deduplication on Ahrefs weblog the identical way Kevin did. While that is the case for some queries, it’s certainly not the case for them all.


Why The Music Biz is Buzzing About the Metaverse – In the midst of the 2020 global pandemic, one of the greatest live shows ever took place within the virtual worlds of Roblox. Two-time Grammy Award winner Lil Nas X gave a efficiency debut of his new single ‘Holiday’ and other top hits, dancing and socializing with fans, and attracting over 30 million live performance views on this revolutionary music experience. As Google focuses on person intent and user expertise, featured snippets will continue to realize importance. Relevant, convenient, useful, and accessible on nearly every platform, featured snippets are the answer to many of the content material concerns of at present.

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These artists and a number of their tracks have been hand-picked by the osu! Some of those featured artists have additionally created exclusive new tracks to be used in osu!. The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer launched on 7 September 2013 and reached lunar orbit on 9 October 2013. LADEE’s mission was to characterize the Moon’s tenuous surface bound exosphere and dirt surroundings from orbit. After finishing 30 days of commissioning phase science operations, LADEE efficiently carried out a a hundred day main mission and a 28 day extended mission.

  • While the desktop data set is presently about 2.2M day by day SERPs, mobile is closer to 1.7M.
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  • In reality, solely 2 out of our 866 featured snippets are in positions below 1.
  • Go to Site Explorerand filter key phrases that set off featured snippets the place your website is ranking in positions 2–10.