What Do In-Home Health Care Workers Do?

The COVID-19 pandemic was one of the most monumental events that has ever occurred. The pandemic affected everything in our lives. From family get-togethers, to stock market prices, there was literally not a single facet of human life that wasn’t impacted by the disease.

One industry that was hit particularly hard by the pandemic was the healthcare industry. This is particularly true for the hospital workers.

Early on in the pandemic, patients were arriving at the hospital in such high numbers that many acute care facilities simply had to turn these patients away. Others had to expand to makeshift ICU facilities where they were treating patients in hallways and anywhere they could find space.

Throughout all of this time, these healthcare workers were becoming more and more worn down. Some of them left the field entirely to pursue other careers. Others decided to shift their focus, but remain in healthcare. Many of the workers who decided to change setting moved into the home-healthcare realm, and they couldn’t be happier with the decision.

How Home Health Care Benefits Workers

Those who work in home health care get access to tons of different benefits.

First and foremost, these healthcare workers are able to create a schedule that fits their busy lives. For new parents and those that have tons of other commitments outside of work, being able to schedule patients when it’s convenient is one of the best perks imaginable. Home health care workers can typically contact their patients and determine a time that will benefit both parties. This way, they never have to miss an important meeting or any big milestones in their families’ lives.

Also, home healthcare workers can rejoice in the fact that they will finally be able to spend enough quality time with their patients to achieve a good outcome. In the hospital setting, one healthcare worker is often assigned to a large group of patients at once. This makes it very hard for them to develop rapport and give the patients the quality care they deserve. Alternatively, in a home-based setting, workers usually have a full hour to spend with patients in which they can learn about their lives, their likes and dislikes, and any other pertinent details.

How Home Health Care Benefits Patients

In the previous section, we examined how healthcare workers benefit from the home health setting. But patients also see great benefit in working with a home healthcare team.

For one thing, patients don’t have to leave their homes to get quality care, the healthcare team comes to them. This makes it much easier for patients who have mobility issues or diseases that make transferring to the car and walking into a doctor’s office an all-day ordeal.

Furthermore, patients can tell and show their healthcare team what problems they are having in their home setting so that the healthcare workers can better help them manage these issues.

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