Cardio Sports for Weight Loss

Cardio exercise for weight loss should be combined with the right diet to maintain long-term benefits. In fact the right diet is a key factor when trying to reduce weight and improve overall health. However, when combined with the right cardio workouts for weight loss as well as weight training programs, this combination will be more effective.

Some Cardio Sports to Lose Weight

This will depend on your physical abilities, preferences and personal limitations of each individual. The key here is to make sure to choose the one that suits your interests and be consistent to keep it running.

Here are some cardio workouts to consider.

Quick Walk

A quick walk can be via treadmill or outdoors. One study concluded that overweight women who engaged in fast-interval walking exercises that lasted for 45 minutes for each session combined with weight lifting exercises for 4 times a week were able to lose 10 kg within 16 weeks. You can walk at night and explore new areas of your neighborhood to keep the road interesting and enjoyable.


All it needs to do is run at the desired speed. Also make sure that you are wearing the right footwear or shoes..

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine can be set at a comfortable level making it possible to burn the right calories. Engaging in some short high intensity intervals for a period of 30 – 60 seconds will work really well and this exercise will make you sweat a lot. Make sure you have a cooling time of 3 to 5 minutes.

Static Bicycles

Static bikes are one of the exercises to tighten the legs, while effectively burning calories. When you’re exercising on a static bike, it’s important to make sure it’s set insufficient durability.


One of the most fun cardio sports is playing basketball. You can choose to shoot your own basket or engage in games with friends. Make sure you keep moving and running while playing basketball.